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U-Bites Rewards!

U-Bites' primary mission is to keep the CSUB community connected with a variety of products, services and ideas. We know there are many delivery services you can order from in town, so we want to make it worth your while by "keeping it in the CSUB family."


CSUB Entrepreneurship Club Community Entrepreneurship Supporters: As the first student venture that was helped from start to finish out of its venture incubator, the CSUB Entrepreneurship Club supports U-Bites and the whole U-niverse of products and services they are planning on offering to the CSUB community. As a limited-time initial reward to encourage users to patronize U-Bites, the Entrepreneurship Club is offering to feature a story about each user who orders $100 or more worth of food or other products through U-Bites. The story will recognize the user as a CSUB Community Entrepreneurship Supporter and feature a paragraph of description and a video interview with the user to promote whatever message they'd like to promote to the Entrepreneurship Club's 2,000+ listserv of email subscribers and social media followers.

Other Potential Rewards: We'd like to hear your ideas on other rewards we should offer in the future. Please email us and tell us your ideas! All suggestions are welcome!!

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