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Keeping the CSUB Community Connected

We are a group of CSUB students who started a new software app at the Startup Weekend venture competition back in February. Our original idea was a dating app with gamification elements to encourage CSUB students and alumni to patronize local bars, restaurants, and entertainment establishments. But since COVID-19 has made it impossible to visit these establishments in person for the time being, we decided to "pivot" and offer a restaurant delivery service instead - otherwise many of those local establishments may go under during the pandemic, costing Kern County lots of jobs!

U-Bites is our response to the COVID-19 crisis to encourage the CSUB community to support locally-owned small businesses. Look for your next meal in our menu of local eats!

Each time you do so, you not only help these vital businesses survive, but you may just find your new favorite restaurant. Instead of eating at chain restaurants, we encourage you to explore our small business partners and taste what they have to offer! 

This venture is supported by the CSUB Entrepreneurship Club. U-Bites is part of a U-niverse of services and local experiences "by students, for students," with the overall mission of connecting students and alumni through meaningful and rewarding activities that promote their well-being and enhance their lives while they work toward bettering their future.


Stay tuned in the coming months as we build out our offering of local restaurants, other products and services, and expanded delivery hours and radius!

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