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Initial Collaboration Partner:

La Mina Cantina  

La Mina Cantina offers authentic local Mexican cuisine, and U-Bites wants to help bring their delicious food into your home. They are our initial collaboration partner, working with us to fine-tune our product & service offering and our delivery logistics. Our goal is to create a delivery service that benefits local restaurants and other small businesses offering a variety of products, as well as provide a variety of services to help keep the CSUB community connected with each other and with the local businesses that support our beloved university!


Search for "U-Bites" to download our app from your iPhone or ​​Android app store or click here to order on Fabulous Friday any Friday between 12-6pm and stay tuned over the coming weeks and months as we expand our offering with more restaurants, other products & services, and additional delivery dates and hours!

If you have particular restaurants or other products and services you'd like us to offer, please email us and let us know! All suggestions are welcome!!

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